AUGUST, 22 – 29 2022 at the foothills

22 august - start, 29 august – sadhana and breakfast
Sat Nam, dear Yogis, welcome to Russian Kundalini Yoga Festival!
This year Russian Federation of Kundalini Yoga organizes 14th KY Festival at a power place at the foothills. Crystal clear air, relict forest, ringing mountain river – all five elements will guide you to your infinity.
Theme of the Festival 2022 is 14th Fith Body
✓ A week at the foothills
✓ New friends
✓ Leading Russian and European teachers
✓ Live music
✓ Meditations
✓ Children's camp and special program
✓ Lot's of yoga
✓ Russian kichri :)

Russian Sangat is developing and expanding, the Festival expects more than 1000 guests.

Deposit is
The participation fee depends on the place of residence:
until 21 July
In the own tent 23 150 ₽
In the hotel room from 25 668 ₽ to 36 036
21 August at the Festival
In the own tent 29 268 ₽
In the hotel room 39 636 ₽

The Deposit includes: program, food (two meals a day + watermelon and tea) and invitation for visa.
The Deposit excludes: transportation to the camp (we will help with arranging a taxi from airport), Russian Visa (you need to apply to Russian embassy in your country).
Best way is to fly to Krasnodar or Mineral Water airport. It might require an overnight stay in Moscow.

✓ If you have any questions, please contact us: info@yogateachers.ru, info@yogafestival.ru, +7 (903) 6 108 108, +7 (916) 445 45 01, +7 (906) 116 98 88

See you on our Fest!
Blessings from Russia!